And so it begins…

Welcome to the Travel Journal, dedicated to sharing stories from the earth.

Here you will find a compilation of happenings from the road as our team explores new areas and returns to those places where we feel much at home. There will be stories of adventure…challenge…and inspiration, as well as some tales of the characters we meet along the way.

I believe that to travel is not only to explore and discover incredible places, but also to hear the stories of the locals who reside there and share in the beauty of being humans upon an ever-shrinking planet. I have dedicated this Travel Journal to those incredible characters that have made each of my travel experiences unique and now are a part of the Earth Visions community, adding life to each of our trips.

 Amongst these journal posts, you will also find articles about the projects we’re working on as well as new and interesting travel ideas.

Stay tuned as there is more to come…

Julie Hanen – Owner/Founder – Earth Visions Travel