Cabecar Tribe Community Service

The Cabecar Tribe is one of the largest remaining indigenous groups of Costa Rica. Estimating in numbers upwards of 5000, the majority of the tribe lives deep in the rainforest in small villages with few to no roads on their land and no electricity. Due to the remote location of most of their villages, these humble people have managed to retain their native language as well as their traditional practices.

Earth Visions Travel is working to provide sustainable aid to the members of the Cabecar Community. We believe these communities should decide their own fate and strive to help them achieve some of their goals to improve their standard of living and, in turn, the health of their communities. Join us and contribute to purposeful volunteer projects within the remote villages of the Cabecar people. Learn about their culture, language, and the surrounding rainforest that is so integral to their livelihood, and participate in exciting activities that together make this an unforgettable experience!

Service Project HIghlights

  • Visit an Indigenous Tribe in the heart of the rainforest 
  • Have translated discussions with the villagers 
  • Play games with the school children 
  • Participate in a sustainable service project 
  • Hike through virgin, primary and secondary rainforest 
  • Learn about the jungle with a Naturalist Guide 
  • Option to raft the world famous Pacuare River 
  • Camp on the shores of the river in a permanent tent camp 
  • Travel off the beaten path in beautiful Costa Rica!