Our Mission

At Earth Visions we strive to consistently practice socially and environmentally responsible tourism. We believe that, as travelers, we are responsible for our footsteps and the impact they leave behind. As people, we feel compelled to aid those in need. By traveling with us you support a variety of community and environmental improvement projects underway in the areas we visit. These efforts are both social and ecological, as we strongly believe you must protect the communities of our world as well as the land upon which we live.

How We Help

A portion of the proceeds from each of our trips is used to fund our service efforts. We work hard to be advocates for the people and places that are a part of the Earth Visions community and invite you to join us in our efforts.


PAINT – a picture of your home while painting a local school.
TEACH – words of your language while learning from another.
SHARE – in song, food and conversation.
WORK – with community members on important projects.
ENRICH – the lives of yourselves and others.

PARTICIPATE – in building a global community, one action at a time.

Join us on one of our projects abroad and help us build cultural bridges.