Singers in the Round

On May 26, 2012, MUYU Intercultural Exchange and Education and Earth Visions Travel came together with Scott Frazier (a Santee Sioux/Crow elder), Phillip Zemke and five Montana musicians to present a private house concert to raise funds for the Eagle and Condor Program. For those who have not read about it, the Eagle and Condor Program is run by MUYU with the focus of building cultural bridges between indigenous communities in North and South America through the exchange of education, the arts and sacred ceremony. Though awareness and fundraising efforts have been in motion for some time now, we are please to announce the success of our first official fundraiser event, “Singers in the Round”!

It was a night to be remembered. The evening was an explosion of stories and song by five local and very talented musicians, Sally Newsome, Jim Averitt, Betsy Wise, Paul Mart and Tom Murphy. Together they told stories about the adventures of songwriting while sharing their original works. This organic fusion of styles and poetry brought energy to the room that one truly had to experience to understand. And if that wasn’t enough, Scott Frazier and Phillip Zemke blessed the evening with Native American song, prayer and stories that had us all embracing what the true meaning of the Eagle and Condor is all about.

I won’t say much more…if you couldn’t make it, you’ll just have to come next time!

I have added a couple links below for everyone to get a taste of what this evening had to offer. I hope you enjoy them!

Native American Song for the Grandparents and Grandchildren – By Phillip Zemke
Down on Freaky Street – Written By Paul Mart
Life Could Be Slippin – Written By Betsy Wise
Stronger – Written By Jim Averitt & Sally Newsome
Dissolve – Written By Sally Newsome
Instrumental – Featuring Jim Averitt & Tom Murphy

We’d like to extend our gratitude to all those who participated in this unique event and look forward to what we can accomplish together as we move forward.

Stay tuned!

For more information, visit our Eagle and Condor Program page.

*Note: Each song listed above is an original work by the artist. All rights to the songs belong to the artists themselves and may not be duplicated.