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What We Do

Our Services

Earth Visions Travel operates custom designed private vacations in the greatest locations around the world. We travel both on and off the beaten path to create the most rewarding, efficient and safest experience for our clients. 

Whether you're looking for activities and accommodations, or the whole package, we have you covered! Simply tell us where you want to go and we'll take care of the rest!

Our Background

For over more than a decade we have established a network of strong relationships with local guides, lodges, tribal leaders and service providers, which allow us to offer travel experiences you will find nowhere else. 

When you travel with us you're putting your trust in the best team in the business and we always work tirelessly to ensure your vacation is not only uniquely created just for you but the best you've ever experienced! 

Your Experience

Our goal is to consistently provide the highest quality custom experience for our clients. Our itineraries are artfully created to match your interests and style then gracefully coupled with private transportation, guides and services, selected specifically for you and your group. We want you 100% satisfied with your vacation and won't stop pulling out our secrets until that is achieved. 

You #defineyourexperience we design the details!

Meet the Team

Founder and Artist of Travel

I've always felt that my life of travel chose me. Growing up I always had a wanderlust for far and distant places. My first move after high school was to postpone college to go on a solo trip to Mexico to get my scuba certification. I think my mom thought I was crazy! I just thought it was time. Since then I have followed a variety of unique opportunities that have come my way to explore these far and distant places that I'd dreamed so much about. I've spent decades exploring and living in different countries. I love to really get to know a place. Hearing the stories of the locals while adventuring in distinct landscapes is what truly makes me feel alive. The Costa Ricans are known for the saying "Pura Vida" which translates as "pure life" but it really captures the essence of the sentiment that life is short and we must choose to live well. I strive for that every day and bring that passion into the travel experiences I design everyday. Let's go EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE what travel has to offer. PURA VIDA! 


Our guides are the best in the business! They are a combination of professionals who know their guiding area more than they know their own mother. They know travel, they know logistics and most importantly, they know how to WOW you! 


Our drivers are an essential part of the team who keep your trip running smoothly. These great people aren't just a part of the Earth Visions team but a part of our family. 

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