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What Makes This Trip

Journey deep into the history and culture of Peru in this 9-day adventure that will take you from the ancient city of Kuelap, known as the "Machu Picchu of the North," to the mysterious Nazca Lines scattered across the coastal Paracas Desert. You'll experience the mysteries and wonder of civilizations that vanished, leaving behind catacombs with perfectly preserved mummies and petroglyphs so large they can only be seen from the air. Top off this trip, rich in culture and history, with a hike to the third largest waterfall in the world and experience first hand the biodiverse marine reserve of the Ballestas Islands. This tour will take you well off the beaten path and you'll see places rarely visited. 

Add a 4-day trip to Machu Picchu with this package and see all the most sought after sites in Peru!

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Where you'll go:

The New Machu Picchu– Kuelap Site, Peru

The buzz has started and there is a new spectacular ruins on the map…the Kuelap Archaeology site. Quickly being known for how difficult it is to get there, the Kuelap ruins are worth the time, energy and experience to get there. Kuelap used to be the capital of the Chachapoyas culture. The Chachapoyas people, also known as the “Warriors of the Clouds,” were a pre-Inca civilization that ruled over a large area of Northern Peru known today as the Amazonas region. Their city is built high on top of a mountain at 3000m (9,843ft). It is surrounded by cloud forest and contains ancient walls built up to 20 meters high.  This ancient culture was originally overthrown by the Incas but, years later, their reputation as fierce warriors got them credit with the Spaniards and through alliances they were able to reclaim their conquered lands. Journey past the ruins, through the rainforest to see the 3rd largest waterfall in the world, Gocta Falls. At 2,530ft (771m) high, this waterfall is a site to see!

Mysteries of the Peruvian Desert ~ Paracas, Peru

The Paracas National Reserve is a mysterious desert landscape along the coast that holds a plethora of wonders. Here you can experience the flora and fauna of the biological marine reserve of the Ballestas Islands or visit the ancient wonder of the Nazca Lines, created over 3000 years ago. Each Nazca design is created by one line that can only be seen by air and the reason for their creation remains a mystery. Some say the Nazca tribe had help from aliens to build these mysterious formations. Top off this experience with a private catered meal under the stars in the desert. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will combine a sand dunes adventure tour in the desert with a delicious Peruvian cuisine under the stars.  

What's Included:

  • 9-Days of Culture & Adventure
  • 8-Nights Unique Accommodations
  • Full day private tour Kuelap Ruins
  • Guided hike to Gocta Waterfall
  • Half day ceramic workshop
  • Flight over Nazca Lines
  • Boat tour of Ballestas Islands
  • Private catered dinner in the Paracas Desert
  • Domestic Airfare
  • All Entrance Fees for parks & ruins
  • Private Bilingual Guide
  • Private Transportation

Note: This trip based on small group pricing. Actual per person costs will vary based on group size, activities included and hotel choices. 


STARTING AT: $3800 per person 

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