Our team is filled with mountain bikers, runners, racers and hiking enthusiasts so we completely relate to our clients that want to go on vacation but don’t want to sit around all day reading books by the pool. Join us to climb the tallest mountain in Costa Rica or hike the Salcantay lodge-to-lodge trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu. Or join one of our mountain bike tours and see another country from two wheels. We’ll create an itinerary that is the perfect amount of activity for you and your group and pair you up with the best guide to show you around.    

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Example trips for Active Adventurers

Sacred Salcantay Trek


With the best accommodations and the most unique sought after activities, this Costa Rica trip takes the 5-Star experience to another level with both character and style. Let us wow you day by day with all our best tricks in the business. 

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Ultimate Singletrack Adventure


Journey to the heart of Costa Rica and get off the beaten path and onto some epic singletrack! Join our local guides on a mountain bike tour of a lifetime as we take you on the sweet (and secret) singletrack of the central mountains of Costa Rica. 

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Montana Ski & Snowboard


In the pristine Rocky Mountains in southwestern Montana you will find one of the most breathtaking skiing adventures in the country.  Lone Peak boasts one of the world’s top ranked trams which rushes up 1,450 vertical feet in 4 minutes! 

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