Everyone has a bucket list. It might be walking through the ancient walls of Machu Picchu or whitewater rafting a world class river. Ever dream of rappelling waterfalls or sleeping in a glass pod hanging off a cliff?  Maybe you’ve always wanted to feel the wind in your face as you mountain bike the famous Moab slickrock. Our bucket list ideas will definitely help you tick off the things you have always wanted to do. Have something on your bucket list you don’t see here? Contact us today and tell us all about it. We’ll help make your dream a reality. 

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Example trips for the Bucket List

The Best of Peru


The Best of Peru will take you to both classic and unique locations within the country. Experience the awe and wonder of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Nazca Lines. 

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Amazon to the Andes


The Peruvian Amazon covers nearly 60% of the country and boasts an incredible amount of biodiversity. Watch parrots feed at sunrise and fish for piranhas! Then head to Machu Picchu to top off this epic week in Peru. 

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Montana Ski & Snowboard


In the pristine Rocky Mountains in southwestern Montana you will find one of the most breathtaking skiing adventures in the country.  Lone Peak boasts one of the world’s top ranked trams which rushes up 1,450 vertical feet in 4 minutes! 

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